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  • E-Learning Maturity Model

    The web site of the e-learning Maturity Model (eMM) from Dr Stephen Marshall. There are downloadable documents including a workbook intended to assist in the evaluation of e-learning capabilit.

  • A resource - the NHS Toolkit

    A resource has a title and a description - both used for keyword searching. This resource description links to the NHS e-Learning Readiness Toolkit. Resources have an icon associated with them based on their type or the logo can be custiomised. This one has a custom NHS logo associated with it.

  • Meat Free Mondays

    A web site promoting meat free ready meals and having at least one day meat free.

  • How to steam vegetables

    A YouTube video on how to steam vegetables.

  • Green Footprint Top Tips

    Some tips for the How Green is my Footprint project


  • Adult Community Learning Fund

    The Adult and Community Learning Fund is a fund from the Skills Funding Agency, administered by NIACE. The Adult and Community Learning Fund will help make the Big Society a reality and will contribute to the Government's aspirations for Informal Adult and Community Learning (IACL).

  • Towards Maturity

    The Towards Maturity project aims to support those who are responsible for delivering effective learning in the workplace. Towards Maturity has a very useful web site with lots of resources and case studies. It is used to collate stories from the world of work to help others grow into maturity.

  • Paving the Way

    Document providing guidance on pedagogy, accessibility both technical and non-technical, standards and quality assurance in relation to NLN materials.

  • Kirkpatrick Model of evaluation on businessballs

    A useful overview of Kirkpatrick's learning and training evaluation theory on the businessballs web site. There are explanations of the four levels of learning evaluation.

  • People Capability Maturity Model

    The web site of the official People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM)

  • Organizational Project Management Maturity Model

    The Project management Insitute's (PMI's) Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, or OPM3® web page. OPM3 helps organizations understand their project management processes, ensures that their projects are tied to the organization's larger strategy, and measures and guides their capabilities for improvement.

  • Green Living Centre

    A web site run by a small group of volunteers based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Their aim is to help people in and around Ipswich live more sustainably. It includes information on local and sustainable food.

  • What's in Season?

    A chart showing the time of year fruit and vegetables are available locally.

  • Economical Food Shopping

    When you’re trying to keep your food budget down, you need some frugal shopping tips up your sleeve to save the maximum amount of money.

  • Economical Food Shopping

    When you’re trying to keep your food budget down, you need some frugal shopping tips up your sleeve to save the maximum amount of money.

  • Methodology for the Analysis of Quality in ODL Through the Internet

    Methodological Guide for the Analysis of Quality in Open and Distance learning delivered via the Internet (MECA-ODL). This was a European project looking into quality criteria for e-Learning. There are links to an in-depth rationale for designing and developing e-Learning.

  • EFQM Excellence Model

    The EFQM web site that has useful information. Some items are for purchase. The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model, is a self-assessment framework for measuring the strengths and areas for improvement of an organisation across all of its activities.

  • ISO 9001 QuickGuide

    Quick guide to ISO 9001 on quality management that can be downloaded for free. This link takes you to a page where you need to enter your details.

  • Effective teaching and learning toolkits

    Five pedagogy toolkits provide further in-depth rationale, guidance and support on particular aspects of the pedagogy that have been used extensively within the subject and vocational area resources.

  • E-Learning Raising Standards Guide

    Aimed at the education sector this is one of 13 guides issued in the context of 'Raising Standards'. It is a contextual Guide to support and success in Literacy, Numeracy and ESOL Provision. This addresses issues of achievement and standards, quality of provision, learner support, leadership and management.

  • Enhancing Learning and Technology through the use of technology

    A revised approach to HEFCE's strategy for e-Learning. This is an example of e-Learning strategy and development in the Further Education Sector.

  • E-learning Centre by Learning Light

    An internet site full of information, resources, reviews and guidances on e-learning.

  • Making sense of change management

    An online preview with 211 pages of a 281 page book that is a guide to the models, tools, techniques for organisational change management.

  • PCMM Wikipedia

    The Wikipedia page for People Capability Maturity Model.

  • Leadership Toolkits

    Leadership Toolkits for adult and community learning, work-based learning and independent specialist colleges free, award winning range of online, interactive resources to help leaders address issues such as preparing for inspection, keeping up to date with policy and funding, strategic planning and focusing staff development for organisational improvement.

Found 47 records - displaying [<<] 1 to 25 [>>]