Readiness ToolKit

Do you know what good looks like?

mortar board man happy

Of course you do!

Excellent services, quality products, high impact projects.

But do all your colleagues feel the same?

A Red E ToolKit is ideal for people developing practical workforce skills, leading change programmes, selecting and managing contractors, and establishing standards.

A Red E ToolKit can be tailored to help you and your teams define what good means to you and to build on your strengths and share them and sort out areas that are holding you back.

Included is a simple interactive self-assessment tool based on agreed models. This can be used to identify strong and weak areas in your services, present a report back to those who use it and link to a wide range of resources to support you and your colleagues in developing skills and knowledge. It can be used by teams, individuals and whole organisations.

What can it do?

  • Support staff development
  • Engage all employees in managing change
  • Provide a cost effective way to select, upskill and inform contractors
  • Provide ongoing self assessment and benchmarking
  • Provide a cost effective way to upskill and inform your own workforce
  • Underpin continuing professional development
  • Demonstrate  commitment to efficiency and continuous improvement
  • Underpin and shape staff appraisal

The Red E process

We work with you and your colleagues to customise your ToolKit to support your selected business or service areas. We break down and identify the behaviours, attitudes and actions that underpin success.

This process can be undertaken in workshops, surveys or meetings and will result in a meaningful interactive tool and set of resources that you and your colleagues have developed. It will use language that means something to you and describe activities that are specific to your business and services.