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Readiness ToolKits

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What is a Red E ToolKit?

A Red E ToolKit is an easily accessible set of online tools and resources to support planning and progression. It is likely to be based a maturity model.

It can include:

  • an online tool to assess maturity
  • a personalised readiness report that can be printed and shared
  • a searchable database of recommended resources
  • web pages, models and ideas for moving forward

The readiness tool part has a set of statements divided into categories and broader sections. Users can decide where they best fit for each statement.

Once some or all of the categories are completed users can get a report showing where they are for each category.

A snapshot can be taken and compared with current status later on to show how much progress has been made.

A toolkit can be tailored to meet a wide range of requirements. The underlying software engine comes with an easy to use editor to allow owners to maintain the resources and keep information up to date.

Perhaps your organisations would like to understand how prepared they are.

We can help you develop your own customised toolkit through

  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Development of relevant statements
  • Piloting
  • Online surveys for user feedback
  • Identification of relevant resources
  • Additional functionality
  • Targetted user reports
  • Maintenance and updating

Are you interested in finding out more? Contact the Red E Toolkit team:

Call 01234 303396 or email info at redetoolkit dot com