Readiness ToolKit

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How ready is your organisation?

Do you have organisations or teams working towards a goal?

Do you need to have an idea of how ready they are to get there?

Do you know what good looks like?

A readiness toolkit can help organisations understand where they are at the moment and provide links to useful resources to help them progress.

Case studies

The NHS have an e-Learning Readiness Toolkit produced by the Red E team.

Towards Maturity commissioned us to produce their Benchmark Centre. Features include two levels of user permissions, customised reports and online payments.

The Red E team won a competitive tender to develop the LSIS Reaching Forward Index to help colleges with sustainable development.

What is a toolkit?

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A Readiness ToolKit is an easily accessible online set of tools and resources to support planning and progression.

It can be easily customised to meet the needs of your organisation.

An example How green is your footprint? toolkit has been added.